Roth Laguna® - handles at the horizontal

Laguna® showers are distinguished by their generously proportioned doors. The elegant bar handles form a visual link between the wide glass doors.

The water-repellent ETC (Easy To Clean) coating on the glass panels of all Roth glass showers encourages the formation of droplets, which makes it easier for the water to run off. This makes the shower more hygienic and reduces the effort required for cleaning, as there are fewer deposits of limescale and dirt (available for a surcharge).

Whether they form part of a solution for a corner or niche in the bathroom, or a freestanding shower with integral side wall, the various rotatable swing doors in the Laguna® range offer harmonious design combined with a generous access width, even where space is limited.

The difference in door wing separation
With an installation width of 60 cm, the angle of the opening with the asymmetrical panel separation with the Laguna FA is significantly reduced. You will need less space, and will also have access via the narrow door wing. Maximum installation width with a reduced opening angle – ideal for narrower bathrooms.