Roth flat collector Heliostar 252 S4 and 218 S4 - benefits in terms of assembly thanks to new plug-in connection technology

Ready for connection
The new Roth Heliostar features four connections based on plug-in connection technology. As a result, collectors can be interconnected quickly and easily. The collectors are supplied ready for connection and can be assembled without any need for tools. Following connection, the system can be disconnected again as and when required. What's more, the Roth Heliostar has all the proven product features that you would expect from the Roth Heliostar range. It also comes equipped with the impressive Roth quick assembly system (for series connection).        

Four connections for optimum collector flow
The fact that the collectors are connected via four connections means the entire solar system provides the ultimate in efficiency. The same defined quantity of solar liquid (whose temperature remainsidentical in all the collectors) flows through each individual collector. What's more, parallel connection ensures low levels of flow resistance and efficient pump performance.

At a glance
  • Collectors can be connected quickly and easily without any need for tools and connecting tubes
  • Quick assembly thanks to pluggable design
  • Supplied ready for connection
  • Disconnectable system
  • Optimum flow through collectors resulting in lower pressure losses
  • Collector design is ideal from the perspective of plug-in connections, as once the collectors have been placed in C profiles they simply need to be pushed inside one another (there is a set direction)