Roth energy packages - new buildings comfort also in renovation

Optimally compiled packages for more energy efficiency
Roth offers package solutions for the renovation with heat pumps and floor heating and cooling systems with components which are ideally compatible and guarantee a maximum of energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and coziness. The combination of the Roth heat pumps with the energy surfaces of the Roth ClimaComfort® panel system allow the application of low temperature technology also in the modernization.

Roth provides pre-assembled energy packages which consist of air/water heat pumps in the power classes 8 to 12 kW and a ClimaComfort panel system assortment for beginners. Also customer individual system solutions with air/water heat pumps in a higher power classes and brine/water heat pumps in combination with the ClimaComfort panel system can be provided (component range/types of devices: see Roth price list).

Low temperature technology because of interior insulation
The Roth ClimaComfort® panel system allows an interior insulation of the external walls according to the EnEV-standard and minimises energetically unfavourised heat losts. At the same time the surface integrated radiant heating system improves considerably the user comfort and creates the prerequisite for room tempering with heat pumps on the basis of low temperature. This combination of compatible components as part of the complete system offers an energy efficient mode of operation at low costs. The energy production depends on the energy distribution. The coziness and the energy efficiency get even better on wide areas including surrounding surfaces.
In contrast to the high surface temperatures as known from radiators, it is possible to create comfortable living rooms with the energy distribution by Roth ClimaComfort® panel systems. It is possible to achieve a better energy efficiency and to reduce the flow temperature even more if the external walls and the interior walls, the ceilings or the floors are coated with the ClimaComfort panel system.

Experience all-round comfort
The new Roth ClimaComfort® Panel System transforms floors, walls and ceilings into highly efficient, fast-response surfaces that distribute energy in order to heat and cool rooms. Roth has developed one type of panel that can be used for all applications.
Storage and installation require minimum effort and offer maximum convenience. Unlike conventional wall-mounted radiators, the Roth ClimaComfort® Panel System provides an even amount of radiant heat from all sides, resulting in a pleasant room temperature with no circulation of air. Practically the entire surface area of a room's walls, floor and ceilings can be used for heating/cooling purposes. For example, in winter a room can be heated via the floor and/or walls, whilst in summer it can be cooled via the ceiling and/or walls. The ClimaComfort Panel System can be retrofitted as part of minor refurbishment work and at long last is enabling people to experience that wonderful feeling of "allround comfort".

Easy to install
The dry construction method keeps assembly times short (no drying phases) and the perfectly coordinated system components ensure that the ClimaComfort Panel System responds extremely quick.

Energy production and distribution are networked ideally through Roth energy logic
The room temperature regulated Roth heat pumps, floor heating and cooling systems as well as energy logic provide the user with an optimally coordinated – and hence particularly energy saving – system. Roth energy logic achieves energy saving with a heat supply that is ideally matched to the requirements of floor heating systems with the lowest possible energy supply. Adjusted to the lowest possible temperature level, the energy demand that arises from the combination of the energy logic and floor heating results in energy savings of up to 15 percent throughout the entire system. At the same time, gentle strain ensures an exceptionally long lifetime of the equipment.

Use the air as an energy source
The Roth air/water heat pumps AuraCompact® Ex and AuraModul Ex (E) do not only impress through best performance values but also due to their compact design. They are also suitable for monoenergetic or bivalent operation modes which are preferred for renovation projects. All necessary components for a comfortable and environmental-friendly heating are placed in an attractive enclosure. All components are proved in the factory and combined optimally. All devices are standard equipped with an E-heating element. Due to the compact design the Roth air/water heat pumps offer security in planning and easy installation.