Roth Cariba® Room – Comfort in a new form

Cariba® Room is the new model in the Roth Cariba® range. The spacious shower unit provides both an area for showering and a multi-purpose vestibule area. The two are connected by a glass door that opens inwards and outwards. Including the vestibule area in the shower unit creates a convenient, warm and cosy room for drying yourself off after a shower. With a width of 1800 mm, the Cariba® Room makes an ideal replacement for a bath tub without extensive renovation work. Two fixed glass elements and a door are enough to create a comfortable bathroom. The Cariba® Room is available with a Roth glass motif or Roth Mirastar glass panels. It can be fitted to both shower trays and tiled shower surfaces.

In addition to the Cariba® Room, the Roth Cariba® product line allows many combination options and different shapes. Thanks to the modular construction, shower screens can be created for any space. Corner, curved and pentagonal showers are available, as are niche solutions and bath tub screens.