Roth Alina - swing fitting design for customised shower solutions

The new Roth Alina glass shower with designer swing fitting is available with a wide variety of doors for customised shower areas. With a 180 degree radius, the extra-flat fitting offers perfect swinging convenience. Customised designs, tailored to fit even difficult spaces such as rooms with diagonals, are a particular strength of the Roth brand.

The showers are made of 8-mm thick single-pane safety glass – with optional ETC coating (Easy To Clean). They can be fitted onto a shower tray or tiled floor. The wide variety of options in the range include niche and corner solutions up to 1500 mm in width, bath tub screens and walk-in solutions. Roth bathroom decorations or mirrored Mirastar glass panels are available.

> swing fitting design
   - an installation height of just 7 mm
   - flush with the surface on the inside
   - 180° radius


> 8 mm single-pane safety glass, with optional ETC coating (Easy To Clean)


> comprehensive made-to-measure installations and customised solutions possible


> height 2000 mm