Roth Quick-Energy Tacker system with QE static mat

Maximum reaction speed with minimal installation thickness
The new Roth Quick-Energy® Tacker system with QE static mat for radiant heating and cooling is ideally suited to both renovation and new-build projects. With its thin layers, the radiant heating and cooling system with integrated QE static mat draws on Roth’s Tacker laying technique. The load distribution layer is formed as a thin screed using the wet construction method (standard grade in accordance with DIN 18560). The necessary load-bearing capacity is guaranteed in the thin-layered load distribution layer in combination with the QE static mat. The system has a pipe coverage of only 13 mm, much less than the standard specifications. The self-adhesive QA static mat is quick and easy to lay on the dried screed. For a perfect installation result, Roth’s QE bonding primer is applied before laying the self-adhesive QA static mat. The innovative system is suitable for all floor coverings. Tiles can be stuck directly onto the QE static mat with a tile adhesive suitable for underfloor heating. For soft floor coverings, such as carpets and PVC, a fibre-reinforced QE levelling compound with a layer thickness of 6 millimetres is applied. The even structure upon installation guarantees optimum heat distribution and permits more effective control of the underfloor heating system.

Reduced installation time compared to standard solutions
The low volume of screed reduces the construction time as it is ready to be covered more quickly and releases less building moisture than standard-thickness screeds. The self-adhesive QE static mat is quicker to lay than conventional mats, which have to be bedded into tile adhesive. Furthermore, the new Roth Quick-Energy® Tacker system with QE static mat also reduces material costs and weight. With its low installation thickness, the solution results in a system that is easy to control with fast reaction times.
At a glance
  • convenient fast reaction system
  • minimum installation height, fastest heat delivery
  • minimised surface weight
  • for new construction and renovation
  • tried-and-tested properties
  • reduced installation time
  • self-adhesive QE static mat