STAR Annika Brasche

This year’s STAR trip was to Roth USA in Syracuse. Full of excitement and curiosity, Annika Brasche set off on the three-week placement in October. She was soon helping out in the company’s finance and controlling departments. She also had the chance to visit the company’s second site in Watertown. “You’re not alone, you are looked after extremely well,” says Annika Brasche, looking back on her stay. This project fosters a sense of community among Roth employees across national borders. “The whole thing is not only a professional experience, but also a particularly personal one. Apart from learning about working abroad and familiarising yourself with a foreign culture and people, you also get to know yourself better. In addition, you quickly discover that you find the foreign language easier than you first thought,” says Annika Brasche. A visit to Niagara Falls and all the various sights in New York City were the highlights of the trip.