Roth and the “Handwerkermarke” – a strong partnership

A strong partnership with a clear aim: top quality, maximum security and optimum service – from the product to the installation. A partnership which benefits everyone. The “Handwerkermarke” quality label is synonymous with all-round expertise and is only used by specialists with the highest quality standards.

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  • Reliable products and security in the event of product damage
  • Dependable logistics through the three-tier sales channel
  • Long-term availability with the ten-year after-sales guarantee
  • Help provided quickly with the 48-hour service
  • Knowledge shared through training sessions and support
  • Joint campaigns to fully assist day-to-day business

The “Handwerkermarke” is a unique symbol of quality for the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning industry.

  • Successfully established on the market since 2000
  • Service network comprising 22 brand manufacturers, wholesalers and 5,000 specialist tradespeople
  • Sets a standard for the three-tier sales channel and top-quality execution

The “Handwerkermarke” concept is primarily about bringing together numerous helpful benefits for sanitary, heating and air-conditioning tradespeople who are members of a trade association. The manufacturers, specialist wholesalers and trade association members commit to providing high-quality work and all partners benefit from reliable products, punctual delivery and skilled execution – with top-quality results for the end customer.